The Youth Sector is a voluntary youth group, based on The Russian Committee of Solidarity and Cooperation with the peoples of Asia and Africa (RCSCAA). The members of the Youth Sector carry out their activities on a voluntary basis. The Youth Sector is not a legal entity.

The RCSCAA Youth Sector’s goal is to strengthen mutual respect, trust and solidarity between the peoples of the Russian Federation and the countries of Asia and Africa, and to develop and maintain comprehensive ties and cooperation between them at the youth level.

Youth Sector’s objectives are:

  1. To assist in broadening and deepening relationships with youth organizations and associations of the countries of Asia and Africa;
  2. To establish conditions for efficient cooperation between Russian and foreign youth organizations and association;
  3. To involve of Russian young people in implementation of activities associated with RCSCAA aims and objectives;
  4. To promote social, cultural and moral development and education of the youth;
  5. To increase the interest in the RCSCAA’activities and international diplomacy among the youth.

The members of the RCSCAA Youth Sector are the students and graduates of the Russia’s leading higher education institutions. They develop as professionals in different fields: public administration, cultural policy, international and interethnic relations, international law and economy, etc.