Visit of the representatives of the RCSCAA Youth Sector to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Photo from RCSCAA

On September 20-22, 2019, representatives of the RCSCAA Youth Sector visited Hanoi (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) to mark the International Day of Peace as part of the official delegation of the RCSCAA.

The RCSCAA Youth Sector delegation included Bazarkina Alena, Biktasheva Olga, Gukepshev Askhad, Kotova Elizaveta and Radzhabov Kamil. It was the first foreign visit for the members of the RCSCAA Youth section within the activities of the RCSCAA.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce members of the RCSCCAA Youth Sector to the youth of Vietnam interested in cooperation. The members of the delegation received information about the Vietnamese youth organizations, their structure, ideas and philosophy. The meetings’ participants discussed prospects of cooperation between youth organizations and opportunities for development of people’s diplomacy at the youth level.

During the visit, members of the RCSCAA Youth Sector and representatives of the Vietnamese side discussed the idea of preparing a video message urging Committees of the AAPSO member countries to facilitate creation of youth associations and their cooperation. This proposal, aimed at development of comprehensive relations and cooperation, interested the host country, which expressed its readiness to contribute to the implementation of this project.

On September 22, the delegation visited the President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and other historical sites: Ho Chi Minh House and the Presidential Palace.